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John De Lima Public Relations: Building Relationships and Trust for Long-Term Success

What is Public Relations?

In Trinidad and Tobago and the greater Caribbean, the terms ‘PR’ or ‘Public Relations’ are often met with nodding heads and perfunctory acknowledgments, indicating a general recognition but a lack of true comprehension. Many encounter the term in their daily lives, yet few are able to grasp the intricate processes involved, or understand the value it offers to both businesses and organizations.

Public Relations, as a discipline, is an intricate exercise in relationship cultivation and management between an organization or individual, and their various publics. It is an endeavor to strategically craft and shape a positive image and reputation, facilitated through comprehensive and proactive communication measures.

The objective of Public Relations is to foster a favorable perception and goodwill towards an entity, be it an individual or an organization, through deliberate communication with multiple stakeholders. These stakeholders encompass a broad spectrum, including customers, employees, investors, the media, and the general populace.

Through its tactical approach to managing public perception and fostering robust relationships, Public Relations serves as a strategic tool that can significantly enhance the reputation and visibility of an entity, effectively adding value to any organization or business. This value is reflected in heightened brand awareness, improved stakeholder relations, and ultimately, an overall positive public sentiment.


How Can I help You or Your Organization?

I develop comprehensive strategies and tactics to communicate key messages to different audiences through various channels, including media relations, social media, events, and other marketing and communication activities.

Through the implementation of a variety of proven and tested techniques we create awareness, build trust, and influence opinions and behaviours. This includes writing press releases, pitching stories to journalists, organizing events, and managing crises.

The overall goal of our public relations effort is to influence public perception and opinion through communication and engagement, which can result in increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, business growth and above all establish trust.

How is Public Relations Different from Advertising?

Public Relations (PR) and Advertising are distinct yet intertwined disciplines. PR focuses on fostering relationships with customers, stakeholders, and media, thereby indirectly boosting sales through trust and loyalty. It operates mainly within earned media, gaining publicity through positive public image and non-paid avenues, which often instills more trust than advertising. PR also lacks complete control over its message, which enhances its credibility as the message is published based on merit, not corporate influence.

Advertising, on the other hand, targets specific audiences to promote products or services directly. It involves paid promotions, ensuring complete control over the message and its delivery.

While advertising primarily aims at short-term sales through immediate campaigns, PR adopts a long-term strategic approach, focusing on relationship-building, reputation management, and credibility enhancement for enduring brand resilience.