John De Lima

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Public Relations

Customised PR Solutions: Elevating Your Brand Perception and Messaging

¬†Every client is unique, and each client has specific needs and goals for their organization. I spend time getting to know my customers and identifying specific tactics and strategies to help them refine and concentrate their reputations and how they are perceived by the public or stakeholder. My strategies are tailored to each client’s specific business objectives: start-ups frequently require coverage to launch their company and new products, in addition to developing brand awareness. Established clients may wish to sustain and extend their existing marketing messages, or completely revamp their identities and public persona.

I create articles of varying lengths and tones. We write for newspapers, social media, blog posts, newsletters, websites and more.

During your consultation we will discuss your content requirements, and we’ll create a comprehensive professional strategy, writing initiative, and placement campaign to communicate the news that is most important to you.